November 2011

Insight From Stellar Influences

Michele Avanti CAP, EFT, Reconnection
(Times specified are Pacific Time)

How to Use This Column: Because your sun and moon sign are important please read the sections for both of them. As you do, note that each section is broken into Insight and Picture. Insight: offers insight to what the planets may be trying to teach you during this period. Ponder it, and your consciousness should expand. Picture: Is a broad picture of what may occur in your world during this time.

When the MOON is VOID OF COURSE anything begun will not reach fulfillment. Daylight hours when the moon is void of course: Nov. 1 from 2pm to 3:08pm; Nov. 5; Nov. 6 before 11:02am; Nov. 11 from 8:27am to 12:10pm; Nov. 16 before 8:17am; Nov. 18 from 11:06am to 2:19pm; Nov. 20 from 2:21pm to 5:16pm; Nov. 22 from 3:04pm to 5:58pm; Nov. 24 from 3:05pm to 5:57pm; Nov. 26 after 4:06pm; and Nov. 28 after 3:01pm.

Waning Periods: Nov. 10-24  begins with the full moon.  It's a time of completion. In candle magic, it's known as a time of banishing. 
Waxing Periods: Nov. 1-9 and Nov. 25-Dec. 9 begins with the new moon.  It's a time of new beginnings. In candle magic it's known as a time of gathering. 
NEW MOON: Nov. 24 @ 10:10pm in Sagittarius. The waxing period focuses on new risks, travel, spirituality, learning, legal matters and international connections. 
FULL MOON: Nov. 10 @ 12:16pm in Taurus. This waning period focuses on emotional purchases, luxury, money, and personal values.

Oct. 27- Nov. 9: Insight: Soul's viewpoint has no connection to shame, blame or guilt.  Picture: Intense emotions surface when you reconsider intimacy with another. 
10-24: Insight:  Security is the result of being true to yourself. Picture: Completing an indulgent purchase requires a balancing act. 

Oct. 27- Nov. 9: Insight:  Between silence and speech there is power. Picture: You must find balance when a new passion creates secrets and conflict in intimacy. 
10-24: Insight:  Contentment is experienced in the present moment. Picture: You fulfill a desire now in a luxurious way. It may include love.   

Oct. 27- Nov. 9: Insight: Only a quiet mind can access one's feelings. Picture: New levels of intimacy cause stress. You  reevaluate the depth of your emotions. 
10-24: Insight: What you see in others is always a part of you. Picture: You're annoyed by the slow pace of others while completing a purchase.

Oct. 27- Nov. 9: Insight: Passion is the song of soul. Picture: An opportunity for passion, power and control are given to you at home. 
10-24: Insight: One time indulgence can last a lifetime in memories. Picture: Finally you indulge yourself in something luxurious; whether purchasing property or securing a sensual partner. 
Oct. 27- Nov. 9: Insight: To be open is to vulnerable; this alone can create intimacy. Picture: Steer clear of irresponsiblity now, or you will lose the trust you worked so hard to create.  
10-24: Insight: Shopping while emotionally stressed creates more challenges later. Picture: Fulfilling an indulgent desire creates turmoil with your family.

Oct. 27- Nov. 9: Insight: Passion fills you with the power to achieve. Picture: New circumstances empower you professionally. 
10-24: Insight: Prudence knows how to save and how much to spend when time for celebration arrives. Picture: Finally you're given an opportunity for more income. 

Oct. 27- Nov. 9: Insight: Actions will always describe what is lost in the manipulation of words. Picture:You're emotionally annoyed by new gossip and surfacing secrets. 
10-24: Insight: There is limited joy in indentured acts. Picture: An expensive: piece of jewelry, car or artistic work, cause you to reconsider your finances.

Oct. 27- Nov. 9: Insight: Trust in God, makes it easy to trust another. Picture: A life or death situation exposes intense feelings. Sharing responsibility takes center stage. 
10-24: Insight: The balance of sensuality and passion is the result of honestly exploring trust. Picture: Something you desire finally comes into balance, when you release control.

Oct. 27- Nov. 9: Insight:  Unemotional logic can pierce through deception. Picture: New passionate manipulations require understanding your deepest feelings. 
10-24: Insight: Self-indulgence today can rob future security. Picture: You want to complete an expensive purchase but need to reconsider your income.

Oct. 27- Nov. 9: Insight: By blending resources we empower ourselves. Picture: Exciting new opportunities for partnership in love or money. 
10-24: Insight: Luxury is the result of feeling secure while indulging all the senses. Picture:  An opportunity to fulfill a commitment of love may include a new car, home or mate.

Oct. 27- Nov. 9: Insight: Obsessive passion is not reasonable. Picture: Intense emotions challenge you when new secrets surface. 
10-24: Insight: Only when we acknowledge our needs can we satisfy them. Picture: Your values challenge you to express your need for sensual fulfillment or security.

Oct. 27- Nov. 9: Insight: Sometimes Spirit guides through hunches. Picture: Now you have an opportunity to deepen the bond between you and someone you love. 
10-24: Insight: When  receiving recognition, include yourself in the 'Thank yous.' Picture: An opportunity to fulfill a desire for love, security and luxury. 

Eighth Sign of Zodiac  •  Feminine  •  Fixed Water Sign  
Rulers: Mars & Pluto  •  Colors:  Maroon & Black 
Gemstone: Topaz  •  Flowers: Geranium & Honeysuckle
Herbs: Aloes & Witch Hazel  • Cell Salt: Calc Sulph 
Rules: Reproductive Organs  •  Key Phase: "I Transform!" 
Most Compatible Signs: Pisces & Cancer

Scorpio, you're the power house of the zodiac. You exude power, and have a deep seated need to be in control. You intensely search for clues to discover what the real cause of things. 

Intuitively you know other people's most vulnerable emotional buttons and when in your negative nature you use this to your advantage.  

Scorpio is the only sign in the zodiac that has three levels. First is the Scorpion which tends to blame everyone else for its failures. During this level you have a tendency to manipulate others emotionally to get whatever you want. Second stage is the Phoenix where you begin to take responsibility for your own actions. The third level is eagle where you view all things from the level  of soul. 

When you are scorpions, you are controlling, vengeful, possessive, obsessive, sadistic, phobic, suspicious, stubborn, opinionated, sarcastic, temperamental and underhanded. When you are eagles, you are affectionate, penetrating, magnetic, probing, confidential,  shrewd, determined, creative, passionate, intensely aware.

You excel as detectives, healers, chemists, researchers, pathologists, secret agents, assassins, mystery writers, funeral parlor owners, morticians, occultists, tax collectors, auditors, estate executors, trustees, mortgage brokers, loan sharks, surgeons, reproductive specialists, gynecologists, intimacy counselors, psychotherapists, hypnotists, magicians, politicians, embezzlers, plumbers, pornographers, explosive experts, miners and coroners.  

Famous Scorpios include: 
John Adams, George Patton, Leon Trotsky, Will Rogers, Theodore Roosevelt, Robert Louis Stevenson, Johann Strauss, Martin Luther, Charles Manson, Marie Antoinette, George Bizet, Daniel Boone, Christopher Wren, Dick Cavett, Benvenuto Cellini, Charles - Prince of Wales, Chiang Kai-Shek, Christopher Columbus, Marie Curie, Voltaire, James Garfield, Warren G. Harding, Katharine Hepburn, Rock Hudson, John Keats, Grace Kelly, Billy Graham,  Charlie Daniels, Carrie Snodgress, Fanny Brice, John Candy, Robert F. Kennedy, Auguste Rodin, Pablo Picasso, Jan Vermeer, Burt Lancaster, Dick Francis, Cameron Mitchell, Abigail Adams, Hedy Lamarr, John Philip Sousa, Tatum O'Neal, Eugene Debs, Sun Yat-Sen, Joan Sutherland, David Schwimmer, King Hussein, Barbara Hutton, Soichiro Honda, Gene Tierney, Jimmy Vasser, Azura Skye, Anne Hathaway, Owen Wilson, Emma Stone, and Katy Perry

Michele Avanti CAP, is a certified astrology professional, metaphysical minister, Reconnection practitioner and award winning author. For a personal consultation call: 541-863-6631 or visit AstrologyandMore.com or TalesofTamoor.com


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