Insight From Stellar Influences

By Michele Avanti CAP, EFT-3
(Times specified are Pacific Time)

 anything that you begin will not reach fulfillment. Here are the daylight hours this month when the moon is void of course:June 3 from 7:56 am to 10:33 am; June 5 from 10:49 am to 10:50 am; June 8from 6:13 am to 8:41 am; June 10 from 12:51 pm to 3:11 pm; June 12 from 4:35 pm to 6:50 pm; June 14 from 5:38 pm to 8:54 pm; June 16 after 8:24 pm; June 23from 8:33 am to 11:10 am; Jun 25 from 4:34 pm to 7:21 pm; June 30 from 3:04 pm to 6:09 pm.

Waning Periods: June 6 - 20 begin with the full moonIt is a time of completion. In candle magic, it is know as the time of banishing.
Waxing Periods: June 1 - 11 and June 26 - Jul 11 begin with the new moon. It is a time of new beginnings and fresh starts. In candle magic it know as the time of gathering.
NEW MOON: June 12, 4:15 am in Cancer. The waxing period focuses on new: home and family issues, emotional experiences and a new dream state.
FULL MOON: June 26, 4:30 am in Capricorn. This waning period focuses on completing issues concerning: long term goals, career, and father.

How to Use This ColumnAs you read your sun and moon sign, you will note each section is broken into Focus, Test, Key & ActionFocus defines what you will find yourself focused on during this time. Test: is the issue or experience, which will test your focus Key: is a little gemstone, which can help you pass the test if you will use it. Action: Is the outcome of what you do at this time.


1-11:  Focus:  Higher education. Test:  Immerse yourself. Key:  Many gifts result from going beyond your comfort zone. Action:  Wonderful opportunities to learn about yourself develop through classes, conferences and travel. 

12-25:Focus:  Family. Test:  Honor elders. Key:  An old viewpoint may be valid in its context. Action:  An elder challenges your control tactics, forcing you to look at yourself.

Taurus  1-11:  Focus:  Outside the box. Test:  Leap of faith.  Key:  If we cling to one idea, we cannot hear, know or understand another. Action:  A project forces reassessment of your skills and your willingness to learn more.
12-25: Focus:
Comfort. Test: Relax. Key:  A grateful heart is a happy heart. Action:  New projects with nurturing people in your home or theirs, create warm secure feelings.

1-11: Focus:  Opportunities. Test:  Details. Key:  Focus gives meaning and creates memories.  Action:  Fun, travel and social opportunities offer many options. Focus to avoid risks.  12-25: Focus:  Home. Test:  Listen. Key:  To eat a whole cake results in a stomachache.  Action:  New home projects stress and frustrate your need to social and share ideas.

1-11: Focus:  
Adventures. Test:  Prudence. Key:  Expansion is most easily attained when you ride the wave. Fight it and drown. Action: Completing a journey should be done with caution. Avoid travel now.  12-25:  Focus:  Food. Test: Over-protection. Key:  Overindulging in comfort foods results in less comfort later. Action:  Food, family, nurturing is emphasized now, enjoy without overdoing.

1-11: Focus: Travel. Test:  Extravagance.  Key:  The wise king proclaims the works of others.  Action:  You will take a creative journey and it will teach you the true meaning of love.
12-25:  Focus: 
Property. Test: Attachments. Key:  The only thing we will ever own is our words. Action:  A new stressful situation develops from investments in property.  

1-11: Focus:  Legal issues. Test:  See the whole picture. Key:  Loopholes are found when one views details with an open mind. Action:  You will need to work through a legal matter, which challenges your ability to take risks.
12-25: Focus:
Security. Test:  Self-love. Key:  Security is knowing who you are. Action:  Easing into the love of family soothes the soul and brings contentment.

Libra  1-11:  Focus:  Vacation Test:  Gamble. Key:  One who knows you not, reflects your truth.  Action: Travel expands your awareness and knowledge, while bringing more balance to your relationship.
12-25: Focus:  Emotions. Test:  Me. Key:  Sacrificing to keep the peace can also be a reaction used to avoid the truth.Action:  Your need to be nurtured challenges you to speak or remain in pain.

Scorpio  1-11:  Focus:  Power. Test:  Revenge. Key:  Growth is the result of many steps.  Action:  Someone's irritating control tactics test your ability to say and do the right thing.
12-25:  Focus:  Love. Test:  Feelings. Key:  Even a psychic likes to hear words spoken and expressed physically. Action:  You take advantage of the new opportunities for love, nurturing, and home comforts.    

Sagittarius  1-11:  Focus:  Long distances. Test:  Over-doing it. Key:  Temper all things with wisdom. Action:  Your desire to explore the unknown puts you at risk. 12-25:  Focus:  Mom. Test:  Logic.  Key:  To understand another's experience opens the heart to compassion.  Action:  Emotional reaction to a new situation at home cause you stress, and force you to consider new ways to express yourself.

Capricorn  1-11:  Focus:  Internet. Test:  Control. Key:  Frustration is anger at a low volume. It can reveal what you deny.  Action:  Completing an Internet project causes frustration.
12-25:  Focus:  Balance. Test: Home or career. Key:  Those who make time for all that they love will never obsess. Action:  You struggle to find balance between your desire to be home and your desire to be seen as successful.

Aquarius  1-11:  Focus:  Confidence. Test:  Prioritize. Key: Spiritually we can embrace all life; physically we embrace each other. Action: Opportunities to expand open, take them one at a time for success.  12-25:  Focus:  Freedom. Test:  What is freedom? Key: The greater the freedom, the greater the responsibility.  Action: A need to be independent of family and home forces you to re-examine your life.  

Pisces 1-11: Focus:  Public view. Test:  Stay focused. Key:  A dream only becomes real when you wake up and take action. Action:  Completion of a project requires you to step into the limelight and share what you know.  12-25:  Focus: Comfort. Test:  Drama. Key:  Revel in the love of those who know you best.Action:  New opportunities to make your dreams come true regarding a home and family.

 Third Sign of the Zodiac  Masculine 
• Mutable Air  Ruler: Mercury •
• Color: Rainbow • Gemstone Pearl 
• Flowers Lily of the Valley & Lavender •
• Herbs 
Aniseed & Caraway • Cell Salt: Kali Mur 
• Rules Lungs, Arms & Hands • Key Phase: "I Think!" •
• Most Compatible Signs: Aquarius & Libra •

Gemini, you’re the thinkers, pranksters and jesters of the zodiac. You love to talk, socialize and explore ideas. You are curious about everything and seldom afraid to ask questions. You love music, jokes and pulling pranks on people. The famous chattering teeth are a symbol of Gemini. When you are at your best, you are bright, clever, flexible, lively, loquacious, literary, quick, youthful and witty. At your most challenging self, you're argumentative, nosey, scattered, restless, gossipy, scheming, hyperactive, slick, flirtatious and superficial.
            You work best in an atmosphere of change filled with mental challenges and the ability to explore options.
            You excel as journalists, orators, scribes, comedians, musicians, singers, social net workers, salesmen, mailmen, communications specialists, broadcasters, bus drivers, chauffeurs, taxi drivers, agents, stenographers, teachers, secretaries, lecturers, editors, printers, typesetters, graphic designers, advertising specialists, novelists, agents and graphologists.

Famous Geminis include:
            Bob Dylan, Ralph Waldo Emerson, John F. Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, Douglas Fairbanks, George Washington Carver,  Arthur Conan Doyle, Albrecht Durer, Edvard Grieg, Patrick Henry, Bob Hope, Tom Jones, Christine Jorgensen, Isadora Duncan, Bert Lance, Frederick Loewe, Nancy Sinatra, John Turner, Paul Gauguin, Leroy Neiman, David Rockefeller, Ice Cube, Boy George, Robert Schumann, Igor Stravinsky, Xaviera Hollander, Dean Martin, Joe Piscopo, John Barrymore Jr., Dr. Ruth, Brooke Sheilds, Meredith MacRae, Dashiell Hammett, Peggy Lee, Lilli Palmer, Drew Carey, Mr. T, Jeffrey Dahmer, Ricky Craven, Dixie Carter, Steffi Graf, Dolly Madison, Joe Namath, Lawrence Olivier, Prince Philip, Rosalind Russell, Marshall Tito, Richard Wagner, John Wayne, Walt Whitman and Frank Lloyd Wright.

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