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Metaphysical Mentoring Course 

Begins Thursday Sept. 19th  @ 6:00 - 7:00 pm  PT / 9:00-10:00 pm ET
Length: 8 weeks 

I have been planing on creating a mentoring course for the last six years. Having been raised on the inner by Spiritual Beings since childhood, I have many techniques that I have shared with thousands of clients and students since 1972.

I want to offer these through a course that will allow me to give you whatever you need to take your next step.

As the frequencies of the planet continue to escalate, keeping one's balance will at times become even more challenging. To have a weekly session to focus, receive the support you need, be accountable to your goals, and continue to get the guidance to create the right language while dissolving the blocks, can be the little extra push you need to make it to your personal finish line.

This mentoring course will help you achieve whatever you desire.

Class meets each week for one hour. Students can email questions or issues to me that they would like me to focus on in class. I will also be sharing whatever is coming through from the Spiritual Beings at that time. There will be a meditation in each class, an EFT session, and a goal refocus. We will discuss issues that are coming up for members of the class. When you leave class you will feel more confidant, more at peace and more love for yourself so that you can achieve.

During the eight weeks, you will learn how to work with issues in ways that are consistently integrous, within your clearly defined boundaries & the Spiritual Laws, and completely aligned with self-love and self-worth.

Here are some reasons for taking a mentoring course:
  • Increase abundance in your life
  • Increase intuitive, psychic abilities
  • Increase love of self, thus joy and success
  • Increase self confidence
  • Activate consistent contentment
  • Dissolve reactive behaviors.
  • Develop peaceful gratitude for your life
  • Release, reduce, dissolve, activate or increase anything you are working on.
Let me know what you want to achieve and let's see how we can help you make it happen.

Here is a note that one of my class participants posted on facebook:
Michele that was absolutely wonderful I feel so much lighter I can not wait until I can do this again, please let me know how I can keep doing this class with you. It really was very powerful for me and I thank you so much for the invite. I had a lot of stuffed feelings that have come up, woo hoo yay, time for some new growth. I recommend this class for any one. thanks Michele. Love, Mary
Fee for full 8 weeks is $134

Beginning Astrology Class 

To be announced

13 week course  -  $17 per week

This course will teach you the significance and meaning of each of the 12 signs of the zodiac, their ruling planets, and the houses they rule. 

You will find this class fun and easy because Michele uses her EZ File Method, which includes pictures, characters and scenarios, as well as your chart to help your brain quickly accept the information. You will also be doing homework each week that is fun and if you have young children they can join you. You will need crayons or colored pencils! 

This class is suitable for young adults too, children 10 years and up with an interest in astrology, will love this course!

To be announced (class is 90 minutes)

Intermediate Astrology Classes

To meet twice each month for one year.   $44 per month

This class is for people who already understand the signs, the houses, the rulerships and the Ptolomaic aspects. In this course we will be taking up a different subject each night, and using mystery charts will actively delineate them. If you have been studying astrology and want to hone your delineation skills, please join us. 

This course can be joined at any time. Once you join the class, even if you can't attend one night, you will be able to download the whole session, with charts and sound. So you will never miss a class.

Check back for actual start date

Secrets Of Tarot 

This is a 10 week course that will enrich your life. Based on the ancient book of mysticism call the Kabbala, you will discover that the Tarot is not fortune telling but rather 78 doorways of esoteric knowledge.

This course will help you understand who you are and how you connection with people around you, from intimate partners, family, friends to co-workers and authority figures. It will increase your psychic or intuitive awareness, and it also opens an ancient oracle, which through your higher self will give you answers to whatever questions you pose. 

Check back for opening date of course

The options below are under construction but will be available starting April 7th, so though the buttons do work, you will not get an immediate download, but if you do make a purchase, I will have the item for you within 7 days. 
Sometime later this year, I plan to make these available as a complete set on CD. 

Lunchbox Meditation

A different guided meditation each week that you can download and take with you.
Only $1.70 per week

Emotional Freedom Technique - Boost your day without caffene!

These are follow along with me techniques to make your life so much better, brighter, happier and easier.
Only $1.70 per technique.

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