December 2011

December 2011

Insight From Stellar Influences

Michele Avanti CAP, EFT, Reconnection
(Times specified are Pacific Time)

How to Use This Column: Because your sun and moon sign are important please read the sections for both of them. As you do, note that each section is broken into Insight and Picture. Insight: offers insight to what the planets may be trying to teach you during this period. Ponder it, and your consciousness should expand. Picture: Is a broad picture of what may occur in your world during this time.

When the MOON is VOID OF COURSE anything that you begin will not reach fulfillment. Here are the daylight hours this month when the moon is void of course: 
Dec. 1 before 6:45am; 
Dec. 2 after 10:05am; 
Dec. 3 before 5:51pm; 
Dec. 6 before 6:34am; 
Dec. 8 from 3:40pm to 6:52pm; 
Dec. 11 before 5:26am; 
Dec. 13 from 8:05am. to 1:48pm;  
Dec. 15 after 5:20pm; 
Dec. 17 after 6:29pm; 
Dec. 24 before 5:47am; 
Dec. 26 before 9:14am; 
Dec. 28 from 1:32pm. to 3:45pm; and 
Dec. 30 after 5:37am.

Waning Periods: Dec. 10-23: begin with the full moon. It's a time of completion. In candle magic, it's the time of banishing.
Waxing Periods: Dec. 24-Jan. 8 begin with the new moon. It is a time of new beginnings and fresh starts. In candle magic it the time of gathering.
NEW MOON: Dec. 24, 10:06 am in Capricorn. The waxing period focuses on new career issues, fulfilling goals, ambitions, and long range plans.
FULL MOON: Dec. 10, 6:36 am in Gemini. This waning period focuses on completing social events, networking, issues concerning siblings, neighbors and transportation.

Mercury Stations Direct, Dec. 13 @ 5:43pm (It began Retrograde, Nov. 23) A time to avoid signing new documents, buying new communications equipment, and be extremely careful getting directions or when traveling. The energy of this stationing is active till Dec. 27.

Dec. 10-23: Insight: True compatibility is the result of interior, not exterior views. Picture: Completion of a social project activates a new friendship or love. 
Dec. 24-Jan. 8: Insight: Before attaching a law, you should understand the reason behind it.  Picture:  New rules challenge you to confront those in authority.

Dec. 10-23: Insight: Listening without rebuttal is a form of love. Picture: Social functions filled with idle conversation frustrate you. 
Dec. 24-Jan. 8: Insight: One who has achieved, should bathe in the praise. Picture:  You finally receive recognition for your hard work. A new level of security is reached as your investments mature. 

Dec. 10-23: Insight: While in the creative flow, jot down your thoughts for they will reveal the gems later. Action: A time of fun, satire, comedy and compelling conversations. 
Dec. 24-Jan. 8: Insight: Success is the result of a well-developed plan, perseverance and hard work. Action: You re-structure your goals after an evaluation by an authority figure.

Dec. 10-23: Insight: Speak your truth and keep your promises.  Picture:  You're annoyed by chattering gossip. 
Dec. 24-Jan. 8: Insight: Your limitations are in your belief systems. Picture:  New rules force you to balance your desire to stay at home with your need to make a father figure proud.

Dec. 10-23: Insight: It is those who will bow, that make you king. Picture:  You enjoy fun and loving attention, while fulfilling your social agenda. 
Dec. 24-Jan. 8: Insight: Humor is the best stress relief. Picture: Your drive to claim the spotlight may cause new heart problems - physically or in love. Focus on letting go and laughing.

Dec. 10-23: Insight: Politics requires diplomacy, not honesty. Picture: Socializing with impractical, gossipy people challenges you to lash with your tongue. 
Dec. 24-Jan. 8: Insight: Focus not on the gift but on those who give it. Picture:  Whether love or money, this cycle offers a new practical, secure long-term investment.

Dec. 10-23: Insight: Innocent laughter is always a blessing. Picture: Old connections offer you opportunities to socialize, network and have fun. 
Dec. 24-Jan. 8: Insight: Health requires freedom of expression. Picture:  Your need to fulfill an old goal is challenged by an emotionally controlled superior.

Dec. 10-23: Insight: Giving without considering the future, is living in a state of grace. Action: You reconsider contacts you thought frivolous when you're invited to an important affair. 
Dec. 24-Jan. 8: Insight: Real power comes from self-control. Picture: An opportunity to advance your goals opens for you.

Dec. 10-23: Insight: You will always attract the frequency you exude. Picture: Social contacts offer opportunities for love and fun. 
Dec. 24-Jan. 8: Insight: One who take time to recognize perfection in each moment, finds it. Action: New restrictions and frustrating delays raise patriarchal issues you need to release.

Dec. 10-23: Insight: Wonder and the unusual are a delight to soul. Picture: After socializing with irritating people, you begin to re-examine your mindset.  
Dec. 24-Jan. 8: Insight: One step at a time is the way we all achieve. Picture: Now, new superiors are eager to hear your ideas and will help you achieve your goals.

Dec. 10-23: Insight: A new idea is like a door opening. Picture: Opportunities to discuss everything from love and laughter to hopes and dreams, lead you to passion. 
Dec. 24-Jan. 8: Insight: Often rules hold structures together, and must be very carefully disassembled.  Picture:  Your ambitions are stifled by new rules and delays.

Pisces: Dec. 10-23: Insight: All life is a reflection of our own inner world. Picture:  Insensitive gossip challenges your feelings. What really bothers you is the reflection you see. 
Dec. 24-Jan. 8: Insight: Leadership is offered when the potential for success has been proven. Picture: Your career offers you a new position more aligned with your dreams.

Ninth Sign of Zodiac • Masculine • Mutable Fire • Ruler: Jupiter
Color: Turquoise • Gemstone: Turquoise • Flowers: Carnations & Dandelions
• Herbs Sage & Aniseed • Cell Salt: Silica • Rules Liver, Hips & Thighs •
Key Phrase: "I Expand!" • Most Compatible: Aries & Leo

            Sagittarius,  you're the lucky optimistists of the zodiac. You're free spirited explorers who love to philosophize, teach, learn, and expound on scholarly ideals. You are extroverted and cannot understand introverts. You are energetic, love to travel, thrive on change, enjoy challenges and take more risks than the rest of us. You are excited by foreign cultures, outer space, theology and anything that goes beyond the norm.  In your positive mode, you are ethical, jovial, moral, outgoing, independent, idealistic, honest, and frank and a natural teacher. In your negative mode you tend to be boisterous, tactless, conceited, egotistical, self-indulgent, hot headed, extravagant, a wonderer, gambler, irresponsible, bigoted, a braggart and a procrastinator.
You excel as minister, theologian, advertising specialist, public relations specialist, lawyer, teacher, eternal student, philosopher, horse trainer, gambler, handicapper, travel agent, tour guide, judge, legal aid, publisher, journalist, professor, sports announcer, salesperson, prophet, astronaut, explorer, statesman, con-man, broadcaster, radio or television station owner, internet specialist and large animal trainer.

Famous Sagittarians include:

Winston Churchill, Charles De Gaulle, Benjamin Disraeli, 
Ludwig Von Beethoven, Hector Berlioz, Dick Shawn, 
Monica Seles, John Malkovich, Rod Cameron, 
General George Custer, Crazy Horse, Maria Callas, 
Jaye P. Morgan, Emily Dickenson, William F. Buckley, 
Drew Pearson, Mariel Hemingway, Bruce Hornsby, 
Pope John XXIII, Andrew Carnegie, Louisa May Alcott, 
Vito Genovese, Walt Disney, Mary Todd Lincoln, 
John V . Lindsay, Mary Stuart, John Milton, Nero, 
Michel De Nostradamus, Frank Sinatra, Baruch Spinoza, 
Jonathan Swift, Zachary Taylor, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, 
Paul Klee, Mark Twain, Martin Van Buren, 
John Greenleaf Whittier, Felicity Huffman, Vanessa Hudgens, 
Katie Holms, Anna Nicole Smith, Ben Stiller, Arthur C. Clark,  
Bette Midler, CS Lewis, Brad Pitt, Christina Aguilera, 
Diane Sawyer, Noam Chomsky, Frank Zappa, Steven Spielberg, 
Teri Garr, Tom Watts, and Uri Geller.

Michele Avanti CAP, is a certified astrology professional, metaphysical minister, Reconnection practitioner and award winning author. For a personal consultation call: 541-863-6631 or visit AstrologyandMore.com or TalesofTamoor.com