December Lunation Astrology - Horoscope

December 2008
Insight From Stellar Influences
Michele Avanti CAP, EFT-3
(Times specified are Pacific Time)

When the MOON is VOID OF COURSE anything that you begin will not reach fulfillment. Here are the daylight hours when the moon is void of course: Dec. 1 after 7:44am; Dec. 4 before 10:23am; Dec. 6 after 4:43pm; Dec. 8 after 1:35pm; Dec. 10 after 2:23pm; Dec. 12 after 10:01am; Dec. 14 after 2:27pm; ; Dec. 16 after 4:45pm; Dec. 19 before 6:23am; Dec. 21 from 8:57am to 3:36pm; Dec. 26 from 3:25pm to 3:56pm, and Dec. 31 from10:34am to 4:27pm.


Waning Periods: Dec. 12-26: begin with the full moon. It's a time of completion. In candle magic, it's the time of banishing.
Waxing Periods: Dec. 1-11 and Dec. 23-Jan. 7 begin with the new moon. It is a time of new beginnings and fresh starts. In candle magic it the time of gathering.

NEW MOON: Dec. 27, 4:22 am in Capricorn. This waxing period focuses on career, ambitions, long-range goals, discipline, maturity, old age, issues with authority figures, judges and fathers.

FULL MOON: Dec. 12, 8:37 am in Gemini. This waning period focuses on completing social events, networking, issues concerning siblings, neighbors and transportation.

How to Use This Column:
As you read your sun and moon sign, you will note each section is broken into Focus, Test, Key & Action. Focus defines what you will find yourself focused on during this time. Test: is the issue or experience, which will test your focus. Key: is a little gemstone, which can help you pass the test if you will use it. Action: Is the outcome of what you do at this time.

Aries: Dec. 12-26: Focus: Networking. Test: Too much talk. Key: The exchange of ideas opens doors for compatibility. Action: Completing a social project gives an opportunity for love. Dec. 23-Jan. 7: Focus: Authority. Test: Prudence. Key: Words and acts are indelible. Caution averts regret. Action: You're challenged by an authority figure or boss's new rules. Aggressive action now will backfire.

Taurus: Dec. 12-26: Focus: Mindless talk. Test: Live & let live. Key: To listen without interfering or rebuttal is a form of love. Action: The lack of focus at a must-do social event frustrates you. Dec. 23-Jan. 7: Focus: New career options. Test: Being over-loyal. Key: You've earned it through perseverance and hard work. Action: You receive recognition for your hard work. Your investments reach maturity bringing you a new level of security.

Dec. 12-26: Focus: Opportunities. Test: Gossip. Key: One who focuses when they speak, gains an audience. Action: Staying focused on your ideas now, will open doors of expansion. Dec. 23-Jan. 7: Focus: Reassessing your goals. Test: Stick to a plan. Key: Success is the result of a well developed plan, perseverance and hard work. Action: A new superior evaluates you, creates new rules causing you to reconsider your goals.

Dec. 12-26: Focus: Babble. Test: Finish what you start. Key: Promises are karmic agreements. Pay attention. Action: You will be tested on diplomacy at a social engagement with a big talker, who annoys you. Dec. 23-Jan. 7: Focus: Controlling people. Test: Emotional discipline. Key: Success is only limited by your mind. Action: New rules force you to balance your desire to stay at home with your need to make a father figure proud.

Leo: Dec. 12-26: Focus: Fun. Test: Irresponsible words. Key: The honorable one takes the crown in recognition of those who give it. Action: Socializing, you enjoy chatter, laughter, pranks and loving attention. Dec. 23-Jan. 7: Focus: Your future. Test: Laughter. Key: To laugh at your self, is a mark of peace. Action: Your drive to succeed may cause new heart problems - physically or in love. Now more than ever let go and laugh.

Virgo: Dec. 12-26: Focus: It's just politics. Test: Loose lips... Key: There is always something worthy of compliments. Find it, or be silent. Action: For work, you must socialize with impractical, immature people and you're sharp with criticism. Dec. 23-Jan. 7: Focus: Security. Test: An opportunity to invest. Key: Only one in a million know how to receive. Action: Whether love or money, this cycle offers a new, secure long-term investment.

Libra: Dec. 12-26: Focus: Ideas. Test: Why focus? Key: Innocent laughter is always a blessing. Action: Opportunities abound for fun-filled conversations, games, and love. Dec. 23-Jan. 7: Focus: Emotions, ambitions and discipline. Test: Express yourself with dignity. Key: Health requires that you express yourself. Choose your timing and words with care. Action: Your need to fulfill an old goal is challenged by an emotionally controlled superior.

Scorpio: Dec. 12-26: Focus: Emotional titanic. Test: Honor all life. Key: When you give without considering the future, you live in a state of grace. Action: You stress over frivolous contacts when you attending an important affair. Dec. 23-Jan. 7: Focus: Power. Test: Avoid manipulating. Key: Real power comes from self-control. Action: An opportunity to achieve some of your long-term goals opens. New security develops.

Sagittarius: Dec. 12-26: Focus: Debates. Test: Integrity. Key: Be yourself and you attract your perfect match. Action: You must balance your need for fun and adventure, with your thirst for knowledge. Dec. 23-Jan. 7: Focus: Irritating superiors. Test: Rules. Key: Each moment is perfect. Choose to see this, and it will be so. Action: New rules and controlling superiors cause frustration, and bring up karmic patriarchal issues.

Capricorn: Dec. 12-26: Focus: Foolish people. Test: Scrooge. Key: Impractical social functions delight the child that lives in your heart. Action: You must reconsider a promise to attend an impractical social function. Dec. 23-Jan. 7: Focus: Retirement. Test: Being overwhelmed. Key: A pie is easier to eat in small pieces - so too with goals. Action: Now you can have your say and new superiors will listen and help you achieve your goals.

Aquarius: Dec. 12-26: Focus: New ideas. Test: Write them down. Key: In the stream of creative conversation, you receive keys to life's doorways. Action: Sharing laughter, hopes and dreams, you may fall in love. Dec. 23-Jan. 7: Focus: Restrictions. Test: Whining. Key: To become the maker of the law, you must first understand why a law is made. Action: Your new ambitions are stifled by new rules and delays.

Pisces: Dec. 12-26: Focus: Self-sabotage. Test: Clear thoughts. Key: When the mirror reflects something we don't like, we must make the change. Action: Insensitive gossip during social events challenges you. Dec. 23-Jan. 7: Focus: Long term goals. Test: Allow success. Key: Leadership is offered when the potential for success has been proven. Action: Your career offers you a new position more aligned with your dreams.

• Ninth Sign of Zodiac • Masculine •
• Mutable Fire • Ruler: Jupiter •
• Color: Turquoise • Gemstone: Turquoise •
• Flowers: Carnations & Dandelions •
• Herbs Sage & Aniseed • Cell Salt: Silica •
• Rules Liver, Hips & Thighs •
• Key Phrase: "I Expand!" •
• Most Compatible: Aries & Leo •

Sagittarius, you're the lucky optimists of the zodiac. You're free spirited explorers who love to philosophize, teach, learn, and expound on scholarly ideals. You are extroverted and cannot understand introverts. You are energetic, love to travel, thrive on change, enjoy challenges and take more risks than the rest of us. You are excited by foreign cultures, outer space, theology and anything that goes beyond the norm. In your positive mode, you are ethical, jovial, moral, outgoing, independent, idealistic, honest, and frank and a natural teacher. In your negative mode you tend to be boisterous, tactless, conceited, egotistical, self-indulgent, hot headed, extravagant, a wonderer, gambler, irresponsible, bigoted, a braggart and a procrastinator.

You excel as minister, theologian, advertising specialist, public relations specialist, lawyer, teacher, eternal student, philosopher, horse trainer, gambler, handicapper, travel agent, tour guide, judge, legal aid, publisher, journalist, professor, sports announcer, salesperson, prophet, astronaut, explorer, statesman, con-man, broadcaster, radio or television station owner, internet specialist and large animal trainer.

Famous Sagittarians include:
Winston Churchill, Charles De Gaulle, Benjamin Disraeli, Ludwig Von Beethoven, Hector Berlioz, Dick Shawn, Monica Seles, John Malkovich, Rod Cameron, General George Custer, Crazy Horse, Maria Callas, Jaye P. Morgan, Emily Dickenson, William F. Buckley, Rita Moreno, Drew Pearson, Mariel Hemingway, Bruce Hornsby, Pope John XXIII, Francisco Franco, Robert Goulet, Andrew Carnegie, Louisa May Alcott, Vito Genovese, Walt Disney, Mary Todd Lincoln, John V . Lindsay, Mary Stuart, John Milton, Nero, Michel De Nostradamus, Franklin Pierce, Junipero Serra, Frank Sinatra, Baruch Spinoza, Jonathan Swift, Zachary Taylor, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Mark Twain, Martin Van Buren, John Greenleaf Whittier,

Michele Avanti CAP, EFT-3 is a certified astrology professional, metaphysical minister, emotional freedom practitioner, and award winning author. Visit her websites at: AstrologyandMore.com and TalesofTamoor.com, and very soon to open MicheleAvanti.com. She teaches astrology and does personal consultations by phone (taped session $133 per hour) Call: 541-863-6631.