November Astrology Horoscope 2009

Insight From Stellar Influences
Michele Avanti CAP, EFT-3
(Times specified are Pacific Time)

When the MOON is VOID OF COURSE anything begun will not reach fulfillment. 

Daylight hours when the moon is void of course: 
Nov. 3 after 10:05 a.m.;
Nov. 5 after 7:47 p.m.;
Nov. 7 after 2:26 p.m.;
Nov. 12 before 9:22 a.m.;
Nov. 14 before 2:24 p.m.;
Nov. 16 after 11:14 a.m.;
Nov. 18 after 6:46 p.m.;
Nov. 19 before 7:01 a.m.;
Nov. 21 from 7:04 p.m. to 7:11 p.m.;
Nov. 23 after 7:36 p.m.;
Nov. 24 before 8:07 a.m.;
Nov. 26 from 6:17 a.m. to 7:11 p.m.; and
Nov. 28 after 3:33 p.m..


Waning Periods: Nov. 1-15 and Nov. 24 - Dec. 8  begins with the full moon.  It's a time of completion. In candle magic, it's known as a time of banishing.

Waxing Periods: Nov. 16-Dec. 1  begins with the new moon.  It's a time of new beginnings. In candle magic it's known as a time of gathering.

NEW MOON: Nov. 16 @ 11:14 a.m. in Scorpio. The waxing period focuses on new issues of intimacy, sex, legacies, secrets, taxes, mortgages and sharing of resources.

FULL MOON: Nov. 1 @ 11:14 a.m. in Taurus. This waning period focuses on completing issues regarding income, personal values, and personal property.


How to Use This Column: As you read your sun and moon sign, you will note each section is broken into Focus, Test, Key & Action. Focus defines what you will find yourself focused on during this time. Test: is the issue or experience which will test your focus. Key: is a little gemstone which can help you pass the test if you will use it. Action: Is the outcome of what you do at this time.


1-15: Focus: Money. Test: Ego. Key:  Soul's identity is unrelated to your bottom line. Action:  Re-accessing your purchasing power is frustrating. Take time to prioritize before flashing the credit card.

16-Dec. 1: Focus: Trust. Test: Budget. Key:  'Know thyself' is the first law of mastery.   Power is directly related to how deeply you understand your true nature. Action:  Intense emotions surface as someone you love exposes intimacy issues. 


1-15: Focus:  Need for luxury. Test:  Enjoy each moment. Key:  Now is all we have, tomorrow is only a promise. Action:  Desires and little luxuries beckon you. Focus on what you value and what your need.

16-Dec. 1: Focus:  Power. Test:  Emotional well. Key:  Intimacy and strength blend when we balance words with emotions. Action:  Love in its many forms is with you now. Enjoy intimacy with people and comforts. 


1-15: Focus:  Time. Test:  Pushing back. Key:  Your mantra now is; "Time is abundant, all things are perfect." Action:  With a packed schedule, you're stressed by the slow pace of those around you.

16-Dec. 1: Focus: Emotions. Test:  Look in the mirror. Key: What we refuse to speak about is often what holds us back. Action:  New levels of trust activate stress. Time to re-examine you true feelings and express your fears.


1-15: Focus:  Indulgence. Test:  Guilt. Key:  Let go of all societies views, and relax in being you. Action: You enjoy a luxurious experience; whether a desired purchase or a sensual night.

16-Dec. 1: Focus: Passion. Test:  Control. Key:  Passion is energy, both creative and destructive. Used effectively it is empowering. Action:  An opportunity to express your passion, arises through family or an issue at home.



1-15:  Focus:  Accounting. Test: Prioritize. Key: Planning removes the temptations of emotional buying. Action: And irresponsible indulgence will challenge your security.

16-Dec. 1: Focus: Sharing. Test: Speak. Key:  To control through emotional manipulation, is not love.  Action: Projecting your short comings on the one you love will backfire now, and challenge your relationship. Honesty, alone can mend intimacy.


1-15:  Focus:  Enjoyment. Test:  Celebrate. Key: When the call of nature comes we go, so too when soul hears its song should leap forward in joy. Action: Finally an opportunity for more income arrives.

16-Dec. 1: Focus: Transformation. Test: Hug yourself. Key: Passion for what you do gives you the power to achieve. Action: It seems a whole new world opens to you, empowers you and gives you a new level of self-esteem.


1-15: Focus:  Desires. Test: Wisdom Key: There is limited joy in indentured acts. Action: The desire to purchase a luxury item stresses you and your income.

16-Dec. 1: Focus: Secrets. Test: Self-honesty. Key: Our proclamations of glory sway few, till the results of our actions are revealed. Action: You're challenged to admit your short comings and to take action with a new transparent plan.


1-15: Focus:  Security. Test: Carpe diam! Key: Depths of intimacy are reached when we trust another to know what we most fear. Action: When you release control, one of your wishes finally arrives.

16-Dec. 1: Focus: Intensity. Test: Vulnerability. Key: Relinquish control to a higher power and experience peace. Action: Trust and sharing emotions create new depths of intimacy during a life or death situation.


1-15: Focus: Income Test: Savings. Key: Knowing you have something for a rainy day brings peace. Action: You desire for an expensive purchase requires re-assessing your funds.

16-Dec. 1: Focus: Power plays. Test: Your hunches. Key:  Applying logic without emotion exposes deception. Action: A new passion creates emotional challenges, as you grapple with intimate needs and how much to share.


1-15: Focus: Buying power. Test: How much is enough? Key: A purchase for sheer luxury may bite at a later time of need. Action: The opportunity to fulfill a desire for love, security or a luxury purchase brings you pleasure.

16-Dec. 1: Focus: Commitment. Test: Control.  Key: Combining resources exponentially increases power.  Action: You receive new monetary options through love or partnership.


1-15:  Focus: Values. Test:  Desires. Key: One must first know what they desire before they can manifest it. Action: Desiring both security and freedom will force you to rethink the way you make money.

16-Dec. 1: Focus: Subterfuge. Test:  Listen. Key: To obsess with one thing, is to miss the wonders of life. Action: Intense emotions surface as you confront lies. You're challenged to stay in control while speaking your mind.


1-15: Focus: Promotion Test: Love yourself. Key: Your mantra this month should be: "I am worthy!" Action: Your dream of love and security gets a boost. Take advantage of the doors that open.

16-Dec. 1: Focus: Intense emotions. Test: Speak up. Key: Guidance comes in many forms, to most it is just a hunch.  Action:  Sharing your feelings with your partner now, creates a new level of intimacy.


Eighth Sign of Zodiac  • Feminine  •  Fixed Water Sign  • 
Rulers: Mars & Pluto  •  Colors:  Maroon & Black  • 
•  Gemstone: Topaz  •  Flowers: Geranium & Honeysuckle 
•  Herbs: Aloes & Witch Hazel  • Cell Salt: Calc Sulph  •
•  Rules: Reproductive Organs  •  Key Phase: "I Transform!"  •
•  Most Compatible Signs: Pisces & Cancer 

Scorpio,  you're the power houses of the zodiac. You exude power, have a deep seated need to be in control and get to the cause of things. Intuitively you know other people's most vulnerable emotional buttons and when in your negative nature use this to your advantage.  

Scorpio is the only sign in the zodiac that has three levels. First is the Scorpion which tends to blame everyone else for its failures. During this level you have a tendency to manipulate others emotionally to get whatever you want. Second stage is the Phoenix where you begin to take responsibility for your own actions. The third level is eagle where you view all things from the level  of soul.

When you are scorpions, you are controlling, vengeful, possessive, obsessive, sadistic, phobic, suspicious, stubborn, opinionated, sarcastic, temperamental and underhanded. When you are eagles, you are affectionate, penetrating, magnetic, probing, confidential,  shrewd, determined, creative, passionate, intensely aware.

You excel as detectives, healers, chemists, researchers, pathologists, secret agents, assassins, mystery writers, funeral parlor owners, morticians, occultists, tax collectors, auditors, estate executors, trustees, mortgage brokers, loan sharks, surgeons, reproductive specialists, gynecologists, intimacy counselors, psychotherapists, hypnotists, magicians, politicians, embezzlers, plumbers, pornographers, explosive experts, miners and coroners. 

Famous Scorpios include:

John Adams, George Patton, Erwin Rommel, Leon Trotsky,
Will Rogers, Theodore Roosevelt,
Tiberius - Roman Emperor,
James Knox Polk, William of Orange, William Penn,
Robert Louis Stevenson, Johann Strauss, Christiaan Barnard,
Martin Luther, Charles Manson, Marie Antoinette,
George Bizet, Daniel Boone, Richard E. Byrd,
Jawaharlal Nehru, Christopher Wren, Niccolo Paganini,
Dick Cavett, Benvenuto Cellini, Charles - Prince of Wales,
Chiang Kai-Shek, Christopher Columbus, Marie Curie, 
Shah of Iran, Fedor Dostoevski, Erasmus, Voltaire,
Robert Fulton, James Garfield, Warren G. Harding,
Katharine Hepburn, Rock Hudson, John Keats,
Grace Kelly, Joseph Goebbels,  Billy Graham, 
Charlie Daniels, Carrie Snodgress, Fanny Brice,
John Candy, Robert F. Kennedy, Auguste Rodin,
Pablo Picasso, Jan Vermeer, Burt Lancaster, 
Dick Francis, Cameron Mitchell, Abigail Adams,
Hedy Lamarr, John Philip Sousa, Tatum O'Neal,
Eugene Debs, Sun Yat-Sen, Joan Sutherland,
David Schwimmer, King Hussein, Barbara Hutton,
Soichiro Honda, Gene Tierney, and Jimmy Vasser.

Michele Avanti CAP, EFT-3, is a certified astrology professional, metaphysical minister, emotional freedom practitioner and award winning author. For a personal consultation (Sessions $88 -$144 per hour) call: 541-863-6631.