Astrology Lunation Horoscopes - November 2010

Insight From Stellar Influences
By Michele Avanti CAP, EFT-3
(Times specified are Pacific Time)

When the MOON is VOID OF COURSE anything begun will not reach fulfillment. 
Here are the daylight hours when the moon is void of course: 
Nov. 2 after 5:36 p.m.; 
Nov. 4 after 4:34 p.m.; 
Nov. 11 from 11:57 a.m. to 2:32 p.m.; 
Nov. 16 from 8:37 a.m. to 2:59 p.m.; 
Nov. 21 from 9:27 a.m. to 10:46 a.m.; and 
Nov. 23 from 1:56 p.m. to 5:14 p.m..


Waning Periods: Nov. 1-5 and Nov. 21 - Dec. 4 begins with the full moon It's a time of completion. In candle magic, it's known as a time of banishing.
Waxing Periods: Nov. 6-20 begins with the new moon.  It's a time of new beginnings. In candle magic it's known as a time of gathering.

NEW MOON: Nov. 5 @ 9:52 p.m. in Scorpio. The waxing period focuses on new issues of intimacy, sex, legacies, secrets, taxes, mortgages and sharing of resources.
FULL MOON: Nov. 21 @ 9:27 a.m. in Taurus. This waning period focuses on your income, what you purchase and what you value.


How to Use This ColumnBecause both your sun and moon sign are important, please read the sections for both of them. As you do, note that each section is broken into Insight & PictureInsight:offers a Insight to what the planets may be trying to teach you during this period. Ponder it, and your consciousness should expand. Picture: is a broad picture of what may occur in your world during this period in time.

6-20: Insight: An angel sees you without shame, blame or guilt.  Picture:  Intense emotions surface when you reconsider intimacy with another. 
21-Dec. 4: Insight: Slow people give you time to reflect and dream. Picture: Frustration with details, time and money, cause you to re-think what's important. 

6-20: Insight: Boasting is like a child dancing with a python. Picture: New secrets create conflict with someone you love.  
21-Dec. 4:  Insight: Contentment is in the moment, not the future. Picture:  Your focus on money, security and comfort pay off now, and you can complete the purchase of something you love.

6-20: Insight: Feelings are a key to the unseen. Picture:  Stressful new levels of intimacy cause you to re-evaluate your needs. 
21-Dec. 4: Insight:  Relax when someone shares their perceptions; they may see something you're missing. Picture: You're annoyed by slow speaking people. 

6-20: Insight:  Passion used wisely empowers all life. Picture:  An opportunity to mesh resources is offered to you by family or someone in your home. 
21-Dec. 4: Insight: Contentment results when your needs and desires are satisfied. Picture: Finally you indulge yourself in something luxurious and sensual.

6-20: Insight: Healthy relationships address issues without manipulation, anger or self-pity. Picture:The irresponsible clown sabotages your relationship. 
21-Dec. 4:  Insight: Buying things to heal emotional pain adds monetary pain later. Picture: Fulfilling an indulgent desire will challenge your family.

6-20: Insight: Passion for your work expands your ability to succeed. Picture: New circumstances ignite your passion. 
21-Dec. 4: Insight: Prudence saves so there will be money for crisis and celebration.Picture: Finally you receive an opportunity for more income. This fulfilling energy can magnetize love into your life.

6-20: Insight: Actions always expose what is not stated in words. Picture: You're emotionally annoyed by new gossip and surfacing secrets. 
21-Dec. 4: Insight: There is limited joy in indentured acts.Picture: An expensive: piece of jewelry, car or artistic work, cause you to reconsider your finances.

6-20: Insight: Trust in God, makes it easy to trust another. Picture: A life or death situation exposes intense feelings. Sharing responsibility takes center stage. 
21-Dec. 4: Insight: Intimacy is the result of honestly exploring trust. Picture: Something you desire finally comes into balance, when you release control.

6-20: Insight: The unemotional logical mind can untangle the deceptive web. Picture: New passionate manipulations require a keen understanding of your deepest feelings and most intimate needs.
21-Dec. 4: Insight: Ignoring the future to gratify desires today is unwise. Picture: An expensive purchase now will cause unhappiness later.

6-20: Insight: By blending resources we share power; from mortgages to sex and children.Picture: New opportunities to meld resources with someone you love empower you. 
21-Dec. 4: Insight:Luxury is the result of feeling secure while indulging all the senses. Picture: Now you can make a commitment of love and indulge the senses.

6-20: Insight: Obsessive passion is not reasonable. Picture: Intense emotions challenge you when a secret surfaces. 
21-Dec. 4: Insight: Only when we acknowledge our needs can they be satisfied.Picture: Your values challenge you to express your need for sensual fulfillment or security.

6-20: Insight: Your hunches are guiding you; trust yourself. Picture: Sharing feelings with someone you love will deepen the bond between you. 
21-Dec. 4: Insight: When receiving  recognition, include yourself in the 'Thank you's. Picture: An opportunity to fulfill a desire for love, security and sensual luxury. Indulge.  

Eighth Sign of Zodiac  • Feminine  •  Fixed Water Sign  •  Rulers: Mars & Pluto
Colors:  Maroon & Black • Gemstone: Topaz  • Flowers: Geranium & Honeysuckle
Herbs: Aloes & Witch Hazel  • Cell Salt: Calc Sulph • Rules: Reproductive Organs
Key Phase: "I Transform!" • Most Compatible Signs: Pisces & Cancer

Scorpio,  you're the power houses of the zodiac. You exude power, have a deep-seated need to be in control and get to the cause of things. Intuitively you know other people's most vulnerable emotional buttons and when in your negative nature use this to your advantage.  Scorpio is the only sign in the zodiac that has three levels. First is the Scorpion, which tends to blame everyone else for its failures. During this level you have a tendency to manipulate others emotionally to get whatever you want. Second stage is the Phoenix where you begin to take responsibility for your own actions. The third level is eagle where you view all things from the level of soul.

When you are scorpions, you are controlling, vengeful, possessive, obsessive, sadistic, phobic, suspicious, stubborn, opinionated, sarcastic, temperamental and underhanded. When you are eagles, you are affectionate, penetrating, magnetic, probing, confidential, shrewd, determined, creative, passionate, intensely aware.

You excel as detectives, healers, chemists, researchers, pathologists, secret agents, assassins, mystery writers, funeral parlor owners, morticians, occultists, tax collectors, auditors, estate executors, trustees, mortgage brokers, loan sharks, surgeons, reproductive specialists, gynecologists, intimacy counselors, psychotherapists, hypnotists, magicians, politicians, embezzlers, plumbers, pornographers, explosive experts, miners and coroners. 

Famous Scorpios include:
John Adams, George Patton, Erwin Rommel, Tiberius - Emperor of Rome, Leon Trotsky, Will Rogers, Theodore Roosevelt, James Knox Polk, William of Orange, William Penn, Robert Louis Stevenson, Johann Strauss, Christiaan Barnard, Martin Luther, Charles Manson, Marie Antoinette, George Bizet, Daniel Boone, Richard E. Byrd, Jawaharlal Nehru, Christopher Wren, Niccolo Paganini, Dick Cavett, Benvenuto Cellini, Charles - Prince of Wales, Chiang Kai-Shek, Christopher Columbus, Marie Curie,  Shah of Iran, Fedor Dostoevski, Erasmus, Voltaire, Robert Fulton, James Garfield, Warren G. Harding, Katharine Hepburn, Rock Hudson, John Keats, Grace Kelly, Joseph Goebbels,  Billy Graham,  Charlie Daniels, Carrie Snodgress, Fanny Brice, John Candy, Robert F. Kennedy, Auguste Rodin, Pablo Picasso, Jan Vermeer, Burt Lancaster,  Dick Francis, Cameron Mitchell, Abigail Adams, Hedy Lamarr, John Philip Sousa, Tatum O'Neal, Eugene Debs, Sun Yat-Sen, Joan Sutherland, David Schwimmer, King Hussein, Barbara Hutton, Soichiro Honda, Gene Tierney, Jimmy Vasser.

Michele Avanti CAP, EFT-3, is a certified astrology professional, metaphysical minister, emotional freedom practitioner and award winning author. For a personal consultation ($88 - $144 per hour) call: 541-863-6631, or visit AstrologyandMore.com or TalesofTamoor.com