September 2011

September 2011

Insight From Stellar Influences

Michele Avanti CAP, EFT, Reconnection
(Times specified are Pacific Time)

When the MOON is VOID OF COURSE anything begun will not reach fulfillment. Daylight hours when the moon is void of course:
Sept. 1 from 10:35am to 11:48am
Sept. 3 from 12:42pm to 2:03pm;
Sept. 5
from 5:31pm to 7:03pm;
Sept. 7
after 1:35pm;
Sept. 10
from 10:32am to 12:26pm;
Sept. 12 after 6:45pm;
Sept. 15
from 10:11am to 12:25pm;
Sept. 20
from 9:34am to 11:53am;
Sept. 22
from 6:22pm to 6:55pm;
Sept. 24 after 7:40pm;
Sept. 25
after 12:47pm;
Sept. 28 after 6:52pm, and
Sept. 30 after 7:18pm

Waxing Periods: Sept. 1-11 and 27-Oct. 11 begin with the new moon. It is a time of new beginnings and fresh starts. In candle magic it is known as the time of gathering.
Waning Periods: Sept. 12-26 begin with the full moon. It is a time of completion. In candle magic, it is known as the time of banishing.
NEW MOON: Sept. 27 @ 4:09 am in Libra. This waxing period focuses on new: one on one relationships, partnerships and marriage.
FULL MOON: Sept 12 @ 2:27 am in Pisces. This waning period focuses on completing issues concerning: dreams, self-sabotage, imprisonment, and karma.

How to Use This Column: Because your sun and moon sign are important please read the sections for both of them. As you do, note that each section is broken into Insight and Picture. Insight: offers insight to what the planets may be trying to teach you during this period. Ponder it, and your consciousness should expand. Picture: Is a broad picture of what may occur in your world during this time.

1-11: Insight: The heart gives clear direction. Picture: You're stressed by health issues, which may be connected to work. Avoid self-criticism; it will only make things worse.
12-26: Insight: Running from your emotions resolves nothing. Picture: Idealistic desires irritate you. Avoid drugs and alcohol now.

1-11: Insight: The human organism always chooses health over indulgence. Picture: New health and monetary options open now, but you must act to secure them.
12-26: Insight: As one dream manifests, desires expand. Picture: Your dream state is active, journal now to discover more of who you are.

1-11: Insight: Details require focus, which leads to success. Picture: New challenges at work activate self-criticism, while requiring you to explain the details.
12-26: Insight: Wiser to wind down, than dash to bed. Picture: You sabotage yourself when you do not honor your body's need for rest.

1-11: Insight: A shopping list assures success. Picture: A perfect time to create a new health plan, new diet and more security with your family.
12-26: Insight: You already know the direction you seek. Picture: Now what you have long desired is attainable, just listen to your inner voice.

1-11:Insight: The most valuable things seldom require big bucks. Picture: While enjoying life, you are stressed by monetary issues.
12-26: Insight: Stress, remorse & guilt result if we indulge after our heart says no. Picture: Stressful consequences cause you to examine how you sabotage yourself.

1-11: Insight: Soul sees perfection in all your choices despite how they appear. Picture: This is an excellent time to create a new health plan and budget.
12-26: Insight: Sometimes it is wisest to serve ourselves. Picture: Struggling between giving and receiving makes you realize your dream.

1-11: Insight: Prioritizing & finishing what's on your list brings joy & success. Picture: You stress over your need for a more stringent budget.
12-26: Insight: If we did not re-examine, we would not know how we have grown. Picture: Emotional desires cause you to analyze how you have failed yourself.

1-11: Insight: Intuitive awareness is a gift, not for control of others. Picture: You may gain greater security at work now. It is a good time to speak without criticism.
12-26: Insight: To love deeply is to be vulnerable. Picture: You can fulfill your need for love now, if you will trust your heart.

1-11:Insight: To choose wisely, we must listen. Picture: Health issues may develop at work due to you stressing and rushing through your lunch.
12-26: Insight: Imagination fires passion, action delivers success. Picture: The easy way challenges you to fulfill what you truly desire.

1-11:Insight: When we follow our passion, we activate success. Picture: You may further your goals now by offering to help with a charity.
12-26: Insight: Emotions show us what we really feel. Picture: Falling in love now fulfills an old dream and allows you to express deep emotions.

1-11: Insight: Meditation reboots your body's energy system. Picture: Re-evaluating how you work reveals stress due to lack of exercise or relaxing breaks.
12-26: Insight: The less we focus on, the faster it arrives. Picture: Frustration develops as you realize how you have sabotaged your dreams.

1-11: Insight: When we eat slowly, we recognize quality. Picture: Struggle between healthy choices and your old patterns require more organization.
12-26: Insight: Patterns from childhood are a key to reactions that hold us back. Picture: Your guidance is very strong now, listen and you will gain what you desire.

Sixth Sign • Feminine • Mutable Earth
• Ruler: Mercury • Color: Navy Blue • 
• Gemstone: Sapphire •
Flowers: Jasmine, Periwinkle, Honeysuckle 
• Herbs: Aniseed, Caraway
• Rules: Intestinal tract & powers of assimilation •
• Cell Salt: Kali Sulph • Key Phase: "I Analyze!"
• Most Compatible Signs: Capricorn & Taurus •

Virgo, you're the incredible analyzers of the zodiac. Grounded and practical you have a highly developed sense of perfection. You're meticulous, fastidious, organized, forthright, responsible, refined, youthful, mentally acute and technically efficient. In your more negative mode you're: critical, insecure, self-centered, finicky, demanding, a worrier, nervous, gossipy and a hypochondriac.

Whatever you do, you strive for perfection. You excel as a health official, nutritionist, dietician, doctor, nurse, analyst, veterinarian, small animal trainer, maid, social worker, lecturer, writer, comedian, teacher, statistician, engineer, accountant, policeman, fireman, charity worker and in any field that involves service with an eye for details.

Famous Virgos include
Lyndon B. Johnson; Augustus Caesar; Joseph P. Kennedy; 
Prince Albert; Aristotle Onassis; Ingrid Bergman; 
Leonard Bernstein; Caligula; Elizabeth I; Greta Garbo; 
Jesse James; Tom Watson; Barry White; Dee Dee Meyers; 
Ann Richards; William Howard Taft; Margaret Sanger; 
Tricia Yearwood; Fiona Apple; Freddie King; Adam West; 
Brian Epstein; Damon Hill; Holly Robinson; Preston Tucker; 
Hamilton Jordan; River Phoenix; Van Johnson; Debbie Gibson; 
Van Morrison; Todd Eldridge; LeAnn Rimes; Huey Long; 
Roddy McDowall; Richard Valeriani; Peter Sellers, Leo Tolstoi, 
Nicole Ritchie, Jennifer Hudson, Michael Buble, Rachel Ray, 
Shania Twain, Kate Burton, Shaun White, and Cameron Diaz.

Michele Avanti CAP, is a certified astrology professional, metaphysical minister, Reconnection practitioner and award winning author. She has taught metaphysics since 1972. For a personal consultation click here:  http://astrologycolumn.blogspot.com/p/consultations.htmlor call: 541-863-6631 or connect with Michele on Facebook at: facebook.com/michele.avanti