March 2010
Insight From Stellar Influences
By Michele Avanti CAP, EFT-3
(Times specified are Pacific Time)

When the MOON is VOID OF COURSE anything that you begin will not reach fulfillment. Use it to your advantage when you don't want someone to remember what you say! Here are the daylight hours this month when the moon is void of course:
Mar. 1 from 9:36 am to 4:41 pm;
Mar. 3 from 12:44 pm to 6:11 pm;
Mar. 5 after 8:31 pm;
Mar. 8 before 9:13 am;
Mar. 10 after 1:59 pm;
Mar. 13 before 10:43 am;
Mar. 15 after 5:01 pm;
Mar. 18 before 9:29 am.;
Mar. 20 from 12:42 pm to 5:28 pm;
Mar. 22 after 6:49 pm; and
Mar. 31 before 5:41 am.

Waning Periods: Mar. 1-15 and Mar. 30-Apr. 13 begin with the full moon. It's a time of completion. In candle magic, it is know as the time of banishing.
Waxing Periods: Mar. 16-29 begin with the new moon. It's a time of new beginnings and fresh starts. In candle magic it know as the time of gathering.

NEW MOON: Mar. 15 @ 2:01 pm in Pisces. The waxing period focuses on new dreams, ideals, romance, drugs, and ways of self-sabotage.
FULL MOON: Mar. 29 @ 7:25 pm in Libra. This waning period focuses on one-on-one relationships, partnerships and marriage.

How to Use This Column: As you read your sun and moon sign, you will note each section is broken into Focus, Test, Key & Action. Focus defines what you will find yourself focused on during this time. Test: is the issue or experience which will test your focus. Key: is a little gemstone which can help you pass the test if you will use it. Action: Is the outcome of what you do at this time.

Mar. 1-15 Focus: Health issue. Test: Habits. Key: Thoughts and talk are only as valuable as their resulting actions. Action: Reassessment of your habits leads to fulfillment of goals.
16-29 Focus: Frustration over new dreams. Test: Take the time to work on your dreams. Key: All things happen one step at a time. Action: You sabotage yourself when someone successful from the past reappears.

Mar. 1-15 Focus: Discipline. Test: Know yourself. Key: What you believe, you will achieve. Action: Finally you fulfill a fitness goal. Your finances are strong enough to make a key purchase now.
16-29 Focus: New dreams. Test: Integrate the mundane and the sublime. Key: Security in heaven can't be bought; it is secured by right action. Action: Release from self-sabotaging reactions comes through a new dream.

Mar. 1-15 Focus: Peace. Test: Criticism. Key: Forgiving others is easy, but you must learn to forgive yourself. Action: Gossip and criticism must end to if you are to feel secure at work.
16-29 Focus: Romance. Test: Speak up. Key: Fantasizing cannot help others know your desires. Action: You're challenged to express your needs and desires.

Mar. 1-15 Focus: Nutrition. Test: Gratitude. Key: Opportunities become gifts only when you claim them. Action: Finally you discover the cause of a health issue, and you're comfortable eating and working again.
16-29 Focus: What is real? Test: Dreams. Key: Truth always resonates in your heart. Action: Opportunities open up. Dreams or visions about the past give you a new view of family and love.

Mar. 1-15 Focus: Work. Test: Relax. Key: Aligning your self-talk with your dreams is key to manifesting them. Action: Frustration at work causes criticism and stress. Review the issues before jumping to conclusions.
16-29 Focus: Indulgence. Test: Escape. Key: Fear faced head on diminishes. Action: Excessive socializing, drinking or other sweet escapes may cause new foot, back or heart pains.

Mar. 1-15 Focus: Charity. Test: Over-analyzing. Key: Remember your dedication to service is a gift. Action: You're recognized and rewarded for the key work you completed in a charitable project.
16-29 Focus: New dreams. Test: Let go. Key: Your thoughts and words bind your higher self to manifest your wish. Action: A new opportunity to fall in love and have your dreams come true.

Mar. 1-15 Focus: Finances Test: Budget. Key: Shop only when you have extra money and limit it to that. Action: Emotional spending ends when a lack of funds causes an embarrassing situation.
16-29 Focus: What do you want? Test: Inflexible patterns. Key: Redefining is the result of expanded awareness. Action: Reorganize your current relationship to achieve a new dream.

Mar. 1-15 Focus: Security. Test: Enjoying love. Key: Trust this opportunity, you ordered it. Action: Your frugal ways and attention to details finally pays off. You get what you've been waiting for.
16-29 Focus: New passions. Test: Enjoyment. Key: Your intuition guides you into an enchanted love affair. Action: This is the opportunity to have the love of your life. A dream come true.

Mar. 1-15 Focus: Health evaluation. Test: Self-criticism. Key: Confidence, even assumed, is necessary to succeed. Action: Self-criticism and anger challenge you to complete a health issue.
16-29 Focus: Escape. Test: Who do you trust? Key: It's easy to be the white knight for someone you don't know. Action: New escapes, which appear meaningful challenge your real dreams.

Mar. 1-15 Focus: Investments. Test: Value of partners. Key: Commitments made now will succeed. Action: Finally you can feel secure in a loving or work-related relationship.
16-29 Focus: Romantic desires. Test: Stop holding back. Key: A trancelike state is part of falling in love. Action: You're experiencing new desires, new love and a new sensitivity. This is a sensual time.

Mar. 1-15 Focus: Fitness. Test: Discipline. Key: Health is the result of practiced choices. Action: Review of fitness issues finally exposes old emotional baggage.
16-29 Focus: Irritating noises and sleepless nights. Test: Find the harmony in chaos. Key: All that is in your universe you have placed there. You have the keys! Action: Dreams or nightmares frustrate you while revealing hidden emotional desires.

Mar. 1-15 Focus: Sleep. Test: Nutrition. Key: You are what you eat, think and say. Action: The need to be punctual and alert at work forces you to change your lifestyle.
16-29 Focus: New dreams. Test: Illusions. Key: To thine own self be true. Action: New ways to deal with old patterns surface. You recognize what you don't want to be. Release it and experience a new you.

• Twelfth Sign • Feminine • Mutable Water •
• Rulers: Jupiter & Neptune •
• Color Sea Foam Green • Gemstone Aquamarine •
• Flower Waterlilly • Herbs Succory & Lime •
• Cell Salt: Ferrum Phos • Rules the Feet •
• Key Phase: "I Imagine!" •
• Most Compatible Signs: Cancer & Scorpio •

Pisces you are the dream weavers of the zodiac. Extremely sensitive and compassionate you either champion those less fortunate or run to escape from the pain you feel around you. From spiritual leaders, artists and psychics to drug addicts and alcoholics you can reach the heights of heaven or the depths of depravity. You often live in an idealistic world and create interesting fantasies which can become your career. You are the creators of the phrase "...and they lived happily ever after." You seldom seek to be seen and praised although you secretly desire recognition. Water is essential to your health and you should not only drink plenty of it but you are happiest if you live near water. Baths can also restore your health emotionally and physically.

Occupations in which you excel include: photographer, pharmacist, warden, scuba diver, underwater photographer, religious or spiritual leader, poet, fantasy writer, dream analyst, drug and alcohol counselor, artist, cartoonist, actor, videographer, dark room technician and creator of props.

Famous Pisces include:
Edgar Cayce, Meher Baba, Levi Strauss, Alexander Graham Bell, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Frederic Chopin, Albert Einstein, Henry W. Longfellow, James Madison, Michelangelo Buonarroti, Rudolph Nureyev, Maurice Ravel, Patricia Hearst Shaw, Nikolai Rimski-Korsakov, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Jerry Lewis, William Jennings Bryan, Luther Burbank, John C. Calhoun, Enrico Caruso, Nicolaus Copernicus, Marshall Herskovitz, Grover Cleveland, Seal, Winslow Homer, Sally Jessie Raphael, Buffalo Bill Cody, Zero Mostel, Elizabeth Taylor, Antonio Sabato Jr., Roger Daltrey, Desi Arnaz, Jon Bon Jovi, John Foster Dulles, Jackie Gleason, Freddie Prinze Jr., Jean Harlow, Rex Harrison, Hubert D. Givenchy, Sam Peckinpah, Andrew Jackson, Kathy Ireland, Knute Rockne, Penn, Willia.am. Webster, Dorothy Gish, John Updike, Jimmy Swaggart, Sly Stone, Barbara Feldon, Edward Albee, William H. Macy, Casey Jones, Harry Belafonte, John Steinbeck, Amerigo Vespucci, Rossini, George Lincoln Rockwell, George Frederick Handel and George Washington.

Michele Avanti CAP, EFT-3 is a certified astrological professional through ISAR, a metaphysical minister and an Emotional Freedom Pactitioner. Michele offers personal consultations (taped session $144 per hour) Call: 541-863-6631


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