An Astrological Forecast for 2009

What's Up for America in 2009?

Michele Avanti CAP, EFT-3

The Solstice, December 21, 2008 sets the stage for the next three months. At 8:03 AM in Washington D.C., the Sun began its journey through the sign of Capricorn. And at that moment a chart was born to outline the events that will occur in the United States.

Though the chart gives many details, they are a variety of pictures, which are expansive when we speak of a nation. So do bear with me. To explain how expansive, I will point out an event I predicted last year.

At that time I saw fires in the summer. Nothing unusual about that you may say. So I attempted to sift it down in location by using astrological mapping. I determined one of the areas to be around Grants Pass, Oregon. Though I have been far too busy to stay on top of this, this morning I opened the newspaper and there they recapped the biggest events of the year in Oregon. Listed was a fire that ravaged 95,000 around 60 miles northeast of Grants Pass last summer.

December 21, 2008 – March 19, 2009
America socializes and celebrates
Feeling good, looking good

The nation is riveted on the economy, housing, income, the stock market, and the American Dream.

Legal issues of government and corporate lies, regarding money, embezzlement, and possible collusion, make headlines and create stress.

There is a rethinking of corporate legislation, due to stress in the markets. Talk of breaking up corporate structures and government contracts.

There is a type of revolution in motion, which began on Election Day, a revolution that calls for thinking outside the box.

Despite the tension and the stress, more money is being carefully released to the people.

While corporations and government factions, and legislators, legislation are challenged by the homelessness, and by national associations regarding property and the environment, mortgage opportunities and other monetary or joint resource opportunities are made available to the people.

The focus in this period is: our nation, our people, our war, our government, our markets, our investments, our economy, our healing, and our lies, deceptions, and misdeeds.

We will revolutionize contracts, agreements and contacts. We are going to start a legal process to clean house. We will be cleaning out international contracts, import/export contacts, and any treaties we have will be revisited, removed or rewritten.

This period reinvents the way we think about government and legal process. We are freeing ourselves of the old ways of thinking and this may also bring some kind of revolution with the media.

During this period the old ways of telling the news may be shattered. It appears many communication media will move to electronic media, whether the web, cable, podcast, or mp3, the news is going to start to really change.

Newspapers as we know them will break out of their molds and some of the big established papers will change the way they deliver the news.
The transformation of the Presidency will bring good fortune to America.

During these three months, people feel good. They are opposed to the war because it is challenging their economy and their personal income.

There is a re-examination of oil contracts, oil corporate profit, and there may be some talk about legislation or government involvement needing to be created regarding oil. It is only talk at this time, but it is very stressful talk.

This period will emphasize changing the economy while cleaning out the moneychangers. That is to say there is a clean up being done in the mortgage and credit, or money industry.

Oil prices continue to feel good.

More money is available for homes and other investments such as reconstruction or renovation.

It’s a period where the American people will be seen internationally as fair and balanced, while we are also seen as a nation in debt due to overindulgence. We are challenged by our international debts, challenged to remain diplomatic, while reining in our over-expanded capitalism.

I have never seen such a significant Presidential transformation chart in all these years. If we were to follow the guidelines set by Ancient Astrologers, this chart might signify an assassination, but I do not see it that way. I see this as one of the most powerful transformations of a head of government. As thought everything that the last president has believed will be turned upside down, or completely transformed.

This new government will challenge Americans to step up, take action, expand and focus on the day-to- day work, or service of government. It’s a period where Americans will be challenged to take part, to serve, and to participate in their government. What we have known in the past as the Octopus (the impossibility of the ordinary American to have a say in their government) will be transformed with this new presidency. Welcome to the twenty-first century!

March 20, 2009 – June 20, 2009
Getting America back to work
Things dug up from the past, must be re-examined, rebuilt, or destroyed

Where the last period welcomed a new president, and the change that he would bring, this period is all about transforming, digging out of the karmic past, and resurrecting internationally through media, legislation, international treaties, organizations, and balancing the issues of old agreements, by working out the details of military decrease and shift. Additionally, there is the balancing of national employment, and healthcare reform.

The re-assessing of military plans, contracts, and international, religious issues creates a lot of stress. The statement is, America will re-examine where she has placed, or pledged her armies, while working to re-align, with international cooperation, the original revolutionary dream of freedom.

We will revisit the purpose of freedom, and re-focus, and re-establish international alliances.

Now, the Congress will begin the toss and tumble of ideas on national health care. This does not resolve in this period. It is stressful, but there is also a kind of hopeful attitude, despite the bean counters’ depressing notes. There is irritating, and frustrating talk about hospitals, drugs, and prisons. It seems so much is focused here on the karmic issues. But the chart also shows the American people finding opportunities to work through government.

The America dream is struggling to come alive, and the people are pulling back their sleeves, and are publicly getting ready to work toward the future they want. This could easily symbolize a public works program, offering opportunities through municipalities, as a result of government or legislation that passes.

There is a significant transformation, taking place publicly in this chart. As though an explosion is taking place, and it seems to be a very good one. Through it, there is an opportunity for Americans to join resources with the new government, through congressional resolve, to get relief from mortgages, judgments, taxes, and creditors. It does not look free, but it is some kind of relief that offers a new dream to those who take part. It may even offer a prison relief program for drug users of some type.

There is also a lot of grumbling going on, people do not seem near as friendly socially, as they usually are. Though they want change, it is a challenge for some to accept, and this appears to cause anger, and could explode in violence. The timing appears to be during the first few days of April. This may prove to be an economic challenge or, in my opinion, much worse, a challenge to American values, and security. Whatever it is, it hits the American people directly, and challenges their relationships with foreigners once more.

The mortgage industry, is transforming at this time in a positive way. It appears housing contracts are finally starting to flow again.

There is stress in the arena of oil, and costs may be held down artificially through some government action. But it is most likely increasing, since the tension is too great.

International travel is stressful and definitely down, but local travel seems to doing all right.

June 21, 2009 – September 21, 2009
Americans back to work
We experience stress, and depression, as we reorganize, and realign with the American Dream

The President struggles to make change under the weight of heavy responsibilities, which include: war, unemployment and the decreasing health of the nation.

An opportunity to sign an international contract (treaty) is a balancing act for the president. The treaty has to do with imports, exports, and trading in international waters. It may involve petroleum, drugs, pharmaceuticals, fish, and even piracy. It looks like it may be a way to heal wounded friendships. There is public opposition or protest. It does not come from the people, but from corporate groups, like: bankers, mortgage brokers, makers of explosive materials, foreign investors, the congress, or may even come from a member of his cabinet.

A judgment, or public declaration from a judge, or Congress, calls for re-organization or re-assessment of the housing market, causing fluctuation in the economy.

The American people are going back to work. There is a new sense of security, and opportunity through government programs. Health care may be another area where there is opportunity to work and make money.

There is more spending going on during these three months, and the market is stabilizing.

September 22 - December 20, 2009
The economy is starting to move
Government programs add jobs, and more health care

Struggles and stress with old corporate policies, government legislation, and foreign wars. Employment issues challenge the American Dream, and the American image internationally, while import and export business ventures, and inventions are challenged.

Stress over the reorganization of military, government, media, the stock market, national investments, income, budget, banking, mortgage brokers, and tax codes. Issues in all these areas, that have long been hidden, will now be exposed.

Despite the tension, investment opportunities open up in foreign countries, and in the fields of medical, surgical instruments, metals, and weaponry.

Change is happening, the people can feel it, and there are more opportunities for employment, and health.

A lovely note in this chart is the good fortune that pours into the economy. The market is tense and stressed but expanding, so there is good news that the national gross income is improving.

The housing market is being reorganized and propaganda, lies, and illusions are being scrutinized. It seems the government meticulously is focusing on the details. Though the housing market is still depressed, it seems they are clearing the way to restructure it.

This period emphasizes foreign relationships with known enemies. The struggle causes sudden breaks in relationships, robbing Americans of their security, and forcing an inventive approach to dealing with terrorists, or revolutionaries.

The people are finding more opportunities for work, and the nation as a whole is more buoyant, quietly learning to rip away the thinking of the past, welcoming new venues of work, and overall empowering themselves.

The President stands on the foundation of the Constitutional government, and purposely works to clean up employment, military and healthcare problems. He is holding the original vision of America’s founding fathers, as filter to develop the future.

There will be sudden revelations, criticisms of enemies, government, and past deeds, that will shake free, old, imprisoning ideas, and help break up old, fearful, thought forms.

This is a period of inventive healing. Arenas of overseas banking, international business, technology, oil, foreign underground resources, and power agencies, like the KGB or CIA, will be challenged by new tests of transparency.

All in all, this final period of 2009, should bring America closer to her roots, and make Americans more clearly aware of our international shortcomings.

The Sectors

Now that we have looked at the overall charts for the United States, let’s take a look from the viewpoint of sectors. I am numbering the periods, 1 though 4, which relate to the solstices and equinoxes, as mentioned above.

The People
1. Socializing - talking about their dreams, not clear about the economic turns, feeling like the price of oil has given them breathing room, and challenged by past overindulgences, and a government without regulation.
2. Attention to goals, work, home and health. Opportunities for government help, which may include delaying payments to mortgage or creditors, service or work programs, and some kind of food assistance and/or health care.
3. Public, and international display of the rising numbers of homeless Americans, creates economic and personal stress for the nation. This period also indicates added frustration from flood disasters, and strange cold weather, which may include ice storms, and may cause black-outs in some areas.
4. People must change in order to heal themselves, their children and the nation. There will be opportunities for educational, work programs. This could mean new legislation, that offers opportunities like a new interstate or international job core, which offers higher education benefits. It may also include a new veterans’ education benefits package.

The Economy
1. This period is a real balancing act, a struggle to keep things from falling flat. Now legislators look at contracts, and there is talk about changing corporate policies of how the higher ups, or CEOs are paid. Illusions about money and the economy become plain.
2. The combination of a new government, with new spending plans, and a banking/mortgage market with old uncollectable receivables, creates a challenge for the economy. The luxury market, and cars are challenged, while the gold market appears to move up.
3. The housing market stresses the economy, and homelessness increases. But there is a slow, trickle of progress through a government, or corporate program, which opens opportunities for more work, some health care, and thus by the end of this period a small rise in the economy.
4. Lessons learned during the Spring Equinox period now bring some respite to the economy, though the stock market, and housing is still stressed.

National & International Contracts
1. Struggle with change, the ideas, the new government, and the fear that these new ideas will bring an expansion of the powers of government. Big challenges to draw down international military forces.
2. Government and unemployment struggles with old military contracts, and the karmic situation of prisons, and prisoners. International stress with groups like the UN, and other revolutionaries, or high-minded organizations. This rings of groups like Earth Justice, Amnesty International, etc.
3. If there was a honeymoon for this president, it is over in this period. Here he struggles with judges, judgments, the legislature, and some sudden explosive public event, that erupts out of the past revealing corporate or government involvement in hiding something from the public. This could go back to 9-11 or to Katrina, or something I have no knowledge of at this time.
4. There is an opportunity to join or sign a very powerful partnership, or treaty through a foreign organization, which may involve known enemies. This is a major challenge to our President. I is as though he is being explosively hit.

The Housing Market & Weather
1. Opportunities exist for housing contracts, but they are tied up with legal issues, and a struggling banking market. The nation is challenged by extreme cold weather, resulting in heating and health being challenged by the lack of money or jobs.
2. Opportunities to stabilize the housing market, come through the government with-holding judgments on old housing contracts.
3. Housing market is filled with stress as there is a reassessment of contracts and how this is effecting the economy.
4. During this period the people are mastering the art of having less. They are struggling with homelessness and the changes in the housing market. There is a depression in the housing market.

Investments & Children
1. Frustration with a volatile market. New technology inventions in the areas of wind power or electronics.
2. There is more opportunity during this time for money and healthcare, for our veterans, and their families.
3. Opportunities during this time will be good for unusual inventions in the arena of technology, wind-power, drugs, oil, telecommunications, the web, and almost impossible to see circuitry. I will add a most unusual picture – para-technology, the technology of see what is not seen – beyond the veil, or beyond the stars?
4. Blue chip stocks, or old companies appear to be struggling, and their stocks may plunge and surge during this time. Buying blue chips during a trough sequence now, will do well over time. This is especially true for companies involved in the health and military sectors, including family surgical products involving the colon, stomach, breasts, sinuses, skin, and the body’s ability to produce oil.

Taxes, mortgage brokers, national credit
1. A time of major transformation, this sector will have the past ripped away, and revealed, meticulously examined and exposed through media, and Congress alike.
2. A public transformation that releases illusions, and may also release debtors through Congressional acts.
3. Opportunity through some work program, or health care program, may release people from some tax, mortgage, insurance, credit or other debt.
4. Some contract that seems to protect offshore banking, offshore assets, or international assets challenges the president.

Michele Avanti, CAP, EFT-3 is a Certified Astrology Professional through the International Society for Astrological Research. Michele ahs taught and consulted in many areas of metaphysics since 1972. For a private session, email Michele through this blog.


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